Adrian Black

Managing Director

King of Snapchat

Alie Sadler


Overachiever personified…no matter which team activity – places in top three!

Belinda Youll

Operations Manager

BLR’s 11 Herbs and Spices

Ben Ridley

Programme Director

Never without a Date

Cameron Lockett

Associate VM

I wasn’t born, I was ‘bumped in’

Christian Alonzo

Studio Team Leader

“Visualisation is vital” (even dreams in 3D)

Darren Wroughton

Construction Manager

Deep wisdom and a bottomless Inbox

Deborah Minning

Head of Design

Keep calm & design on!

Denis Manning

Business Development Manager

Relentless door knocker

Hilary Whattam


Dedicated, diligent and deadpan

Jane Costin

Associate Designer

Innovative design and toe walking

Jen Heaton


Ideas, stories and plans

Jesse Macintosh

Project Manager

A man from Bondi

Kerry Andrews

Chief Finance Officer

Numbers, numbers, numbers (and sometimes Letters)

Kristin Lipat

Finance & Admin Officer

Process is my friend

Kristin Meyer

Project Manager

Has never EVER not completed her to-do list

Kristy Mackay

Senior Designer

“If it’s not right, then it’s not finished”

Lorelle Yap


“It’s all about Space”

Matthew Morrissey

Bulk Procurement Manager

“Just tell me how many you need mate”

Michelle Cook

Senior Designer

“It’s all in the detail…”

Rebecca Day

Project Manager

English poise, Australian practicality

Sarah Dargaville

Project & Client Manager

Cool, calm, capable

Sinead McGowan

Process Consultant

Process/Data Insight/Efficiency … (That’s all you need to know)

Somania Dahal

Finance & Admin Officer

More balance than a Russian Gymnast

Steph Spatino

Branding Associate

“Let’s keep it Fresh”

Ted Yan

Studio Team Leader

I think therefore I am